Can you think of some more obscure ways to get fit? To get you started here are some of our favourites.

  • Walk Upstairs twice rather than once every time you want to get a little exercise
  • Take the dog for a run instead of a walk
  • Take the bus once in a while, the walk to and from the bus stop will keep you trim<
  • Lift your legs off the floor 50 times whilst sitting watching TV
  • Stand at the bar in the pub rather than sitting down!
  • Put your phone a little out of reach all day so you have to get up to check your texts
  • Dance around your living room every time you hear a cool tune.
  • Invent a new sport and invite your neighbours to join in
  • Take your shopping out of the car one item at a time
  • Ask someone politely to chase you!

If you think of any more please let us know.

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