Our aim with this website is to get you quickly and easily to the activities which are of interest to you in your local area.

From the homepage you get our simple search bar (tip you can click on map on the menu to get a map view instead)


From this bar you have a few choices. In the left most keyword box you can drop in any keyword and we will see if we can find it in our database. For example try tapping in Zumba and then hitting the explore button.

The middle box lets you set a location, so you could type in Slough or you could click the target logo and then (and only with your permission) we will try to find your location and let you know what is nearby.

Finally you can use the category box to look for things in a certain category, so if you are only interested in Badminton results then choose that category.

The most important button is the Explore Button. Hit the button to get the results based on your selections, or to get the most recent results if you haven’t selected anything.

Further down the page you will find some example categories;


These are just a few samples from the page, if you refresh your browser it will give you different categories. You can click on any box to see the listings which are grouped under that heading.

and finally on the homepage we show you some recent listings


These are the ones which have most recently been added, you can click on any of them to get further details.

Once you get to a listing you like you can see where it takes place and more details like the hours of operation etc. If you spot anything which doesn’t make sense then just get in touch with us and we will explain it through or work it out!